The Music of NoQuarter

Classic Rock and Blue's Lover, NoQuarter, had this idea for a huge home page with all kinds of links devoted to his favorite rock bands. In the fall of 1997, the Classic Rock and Blues Site was born. "I've been playing quitar since I was about 13, so I knew my Home Page would have something to do with music."

NoQ's idea is now one of WebTV's most popular Sites. His Sound Room was just voted #2 out of 100 top sites for Music Seek. A visit to the Sound Room will take you to one of the best all around Music Links Sites that you will find anywhere on the internet.

Jerry, who will celebrate his 35th birthday this month (Happy Birthday NoQ), is married with three teenagers. He is a carreer Army Medic, and currently supervises three medical clinics. "In my 16 years of military service, I've been to Ft. Jackson, SC, Ft. Sam, Houston, TX, Germany, Ft. Riley, KS, seven months in Desert Shield/Storm, a tour in Hawaii, and currently Ft Knox, KY." Jerry will soon be leaving to serve in Korea for one year, and then return to Ft Lewis, WA, where he will serve his last three years before retiring.

During Desert Storm, Jerry was a medic for a tank unit, "The Big Red 1". "During a tank battle, our unit encountered a mine field with obstacles, which had to be cleared by Engineer Soldiers. The ~Iraq Republican Guard~ continued to fire at us and we at them, as the Engineers tried to quickly clear obstacles. One of our Engineer's went down, and I found myself quickly probing through a mine field with bullits flying everywhere. Was I scared, You Bet! Finally, I made it to the wounded soldier, I knew I couldn't work on him there, so retracing my path, I low crawled, dragging him with me as fast as I could, back the way I had come in." A few days later NoQ was presented with a "Bronze Star w/Valor".

"I never felt like a hero, that's what people were saying. In my mind, I did what I did because that's what I was trained to do.... I was just doing my Job."

Jerry bought his WebTV Classic in early 1997, after seeing an informercial on TV for them. "I've always wanted a PC but didn't know much about them, I figured with WebTV, I would get the chance to get started on the internet." It took Jerry a few days to get on-line however, it seems where he lived, there was no local access to WebTV. Undaunted, Jerry worked out a deal with his telephone company to pay a flat fee to connect with unlimited service. Jerry, then picked NoQuarter as his Nic after a Led Zeppelin song "No Quarter", and headed in the direction of the nearest chat room and he was on his way. "Unfortunately I soon realized that chatting wasn't to easy on the WebTV, at the time we could use frames only in Chat. Now that we can use IRC Chat, I realize what a pain the old chat forum was."

NoQ recalls in the early days of WebTV, there were not the tutorials and help pages for WebTVer's that we now have today. He studied Draac and Paul Ericson, and his friend Blizzard helped him learn his first html tags. "It was nothing like it is now, a person on WebTV today can find all sorts of Tutorials to help them." NoQ credits his friends DianeDumas, Knoc, Ga_Girl, MoodMarry, PaTaxman and TBoob for helping him find his way through Chat and WebTV. A stop to NoQuarter's Kewl Links2 offers unlimited WebTV links and resources.

When NoQ is not updating his ever popular site, with pages like Transition Effects, The Bamboo Room, or WebTV Icons, he's helping others through email or in one of his IRC Chat Rooms . "I love making web pages, to me it's like art, you take a blank canvas... and create...I get a lot of satisfaction when I complete a page, whether it's mine or someone I'm helping. That's one thing I promised myself when I started building Home Pages, that I would always take the time to help others, and I hope that the ones' I help will do the same in return."

Surely NoQ would once again say "I was just doing my job" but some of his web friends wanted to say thanks to their Hero on the Web.

"Not only does he have some of the coolest and informative sites on the web, but he's a great teacher to most of us. I can't count the times I've had a problem and he's dropped whatever he was doing to help me."...(DW28)
"I really have to give NoQ thanks. His knowledge is vast, but by helping others, he in turn helps me to pass on what I have come to learn from him." ...(IJUDGE13)
"On numerous occassions NoQ has dropped whatever he is doing, just to help.. I can't say enough about NoQuarter." ...(Flossy1)
"You are responsible for my home on the web. You made learning so easy and whenever you learned something new you made sure to pass it along instead of keeping it a secret." ...(KyBelle)

Thanks NoQ for taking the time, and making the music.

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