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March 9, 1999


Stephanie A. Michael
12139 Green Badger Lane
Apt. #1158

Objective: Elementary Education


02/99-03/99: Old Cheney Elementary School, Orlando, Fl
20 hours of classroom observation

05/98-08/98: UCF Day Care, Orlando, Fl
25 Volunteer Hours

05/98-08/98: East Orange Community Center, Orlando
50 Volunteer Hours with the children in summer camp

Spring 1998: Muslim Academy, Orlando, Fl
2 hours classroom observation

Spring 1998: Discovery Middle School, Orlando, Fl
15 hours obvservation for grades 6, 7 and 8

Fall 1997: Union Park Elementary, Orlando, Fl
5 hours observation in first grade class

08/94-06/95: Naples High School, Naples, Fl
Child Care class caring for pre-school children


Junior/Senior Years High School: Captain Flag Line
3 Years High School Band
Who's Who in American High School Students
4 Years-freshman through Senior

STAR: Junior/Senior Years High School
Actively involved in this community service of
students teaching other student's aids responsibility