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April 29, 1999

Working on a poem, "And They Answered God's Call" , I wanted to create a gif of 13 angels to put on the page with the poem. Thirteen Simple White Outlined Angels together as they watched over us all. It was not until I placed it on the background of this page that I saw what I had either accidently done.... or by the hand of fate.. I do not know which. As I sat there and gazed upon my little angels... two demons jumped out from the center of the gif, and a chill went through my soul.

If I'd tried to do this, I would not have been able to... it haunts me still.

Someone emailed me that it didn't matter which way the angels faced the demons were still formed.... I hadn't noticed that before... Simply amazing!

~Rexy 1999

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And They Answered God's Call