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It was April 20, ~1999....
When God paid a call on Columbine.

He'd known about it for almost a year.
He had marked it down on his calendar.
God had even scribbled a note in pencil.
"Hopefully.... this one.... we will cancel."

But as time passed, and the day grew near,
The truth had become so painfully clear.
Signs he'd sent; not seen~~or left unheeded..
Forced his hand now, to do what was next needed.

A bomb exploded, and bullets started to fly;
Screams of terror thundered through his sky!
Oh how God wept... as he watched that morning...
Why... Why.. had no one heard his warning?

As he spoke then, his voice seemed unsteady..
"It is time now... I must get them ready."
And then God called them, one by one...
His dozen child angels from Littleton.

God hadn't wanted this day to arrive..
Oh how he wished he could let them survive.
He welcomed them in now, as they drew near.
And ever so gently he dried each tear.

"Do not be afraid, I won't leave you alone...
The Coach has volunteered....... to chaperone.
He'll be here soon, his work's not quite done.
But when he is finished....he will come."

Then a child asked, "God? Why pick me?"
Softly He said, "YOU...I chose....especially!
Our world today is in such a shamble,
Left only to adults.... I can no longer gamble."

"It is now up to you to make things right.
It is you who must teach, that love is the fight.
For we cannot ever allow... yet another disaster,
When it's only respect and love, they are after."

Wondering then, how much longer they'd wait;
Mr. Sanders.... smiling.... arrived at the gate.
And God lovingly gazed then, upon each one..
His Precious Angels from Littleton!

~Rexy 1999
April 30, 1999

All rights reserved.
Do not copy or reproduce this poem.

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Columbine High
In honor of the wounded, lost
and families of Littleton Colorado.